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Talent management services that build, engage and retain your tech team.

Headache recruitment

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On the rise

Talent acquisition and employee engagement listed as a top priority for UK HR and business leaders. Don't be left behind - have a structured strategy in 2020.


By 2020, 50% of the UK workforce will be made up of millennials. This will influence company diversity, culture and the way you attract and retain talent.

A new wave


Paint a picture

The #1 obstacle to candidates in the application process is not knowing what its like to work at an organisation.

Paint the picture and promote your culture.

What we do

Talentbe solves problems. We get to the root of your pain points and get you back on track. 

We work in partnership with you, understanding your culture and the kind of people who thrive in your unique environment. Collaboratively, we then formulate a strategy and execute it. 

You keep control, while we take responsibility. 



Give you back time

We take ownership of the whole recruitment process, removing the distractions, allowing you to get back to your day job.


Reduce risk

Taking a proactive rather than reactive approach, you will have a stable talent management function that increases your productivity and allows you to reliably forecast. 


Take accountability

You keep control while we take accountability and responsibility for delivering outcomes.


Expert team

As well as your own designated onsite talent manager, you have access to our entire network of members and community of partners. 


Control costs

A streamlined process that reduces the internal and external drain on resources.


Agility and continuity

A flexible, on-demand service that scales inline with your business needs, and moves in tandem with your organisational direction.

How it works

Get to 

know you



Our team work with you 

to assess your current recruitment capabilities

and your future talent management requirements. 

Team integration



Your designated talent manager is integrated within your business, working with your team to create and execute your personal talent management strategy. 

Greater results



As we gather intelligence, we gain momentum; improving your placement ratios, reducing your time to hire, streamlining costs and providing a long-term sustainable hiring model to stay ahead of the curve.


What is onsite talent management?

In a nutshell, it's a service where we place our talent manager into your business, integrated as an internal staff member with the benefits of extra support from our experienced team back at base.

What if I have an internal function already?

Our talent managers have experience in both building a new recruitment function and fitting into an established team. If you need an extra hand during an expected growth spurt, one that can work alongside your team and deliver the same high standards, our structure is perfectly suited.

What do you charge?

We understand that no two companies are the same in terms of their future growth plans and so our pricing model mirrors this. Dependent on the type of service, number of hires, time on site and other variables which will support the creation of the perfect strategy for your business, our pricing structure is customised and unique to you.

What if I only have a small project?

Our model suits projects of all sizes, since we can scale our service up and down to your needs and timeframes. However, we do advise a minimum of two days onsite per week, so that our talent managers can keep momentum in building and executing the project.

How can I ask more questions?

Its great to know you're interested - we would love to hear from you! Our easy-to-use message form at the foot of this page is a great way to get hold of us.

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