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Even though Talentbe was formed in 2017, our background goes back a lot further.

Born out of a technical service provider, we experienced first-hand the challenges of attracting, sourcing and retaining great people. We've identified a disparity between the traditional recruitment agency offering and the needs of a growing business. For instance, the inability to have full transparency and control over service.  


From this, Talentbe was born, providing the security of having an in-house resource, balanced by the flexibility and scalability that your business needs in the current economic climate.





Launch of Talentbe

bedigital provides public sector, central government and private organisations with a way to effectively define their strategic vision and transform their IT estates.

Recruitment function

Due to the increasing demand to source and deliver resources to support bedigital's growth, bedigital Professional Services was established. This has allowed us to retain control and provide a better candidate experience.

Having seen success in our new hiring strategy, we wanted to provide the same service to others looking to move away from recruitment agencies.

We share a common set of values

Be collaborative


Through collaboration, we can achieve greater things and this doesn't just stop with our team. Our team is also your team. 

Be different


We value uniqueness and always ask our team and clients to push the boundaries in how they think and what they do. 

An awesome service starts with an awesome team.

There's more than meets the eye with Talentbe. We're a team of expert thinkers and innovative doers, brought together from the digital and recruitment world, all with the same passion for talent.


We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about team talentbe.


Paul Matthews



Victoria Wood

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Talent Manager

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