Campaign Recruitment

Is your recruitment strategy a constant headache?

Are you losing the best candidates to competitors? 

Talentbe will help you take back control!

What is campaign recruitment?

Campaign recruitment is essentially your in-house recruitment team, on an outsourced basis. Working on a project basis, you don't have to outsource all of your recruitment needs, just specific roles or departments, in line with your business needs and in-house capacity. This means you get a dedicated team who become an extension of your organisation. As far as the candidate is aware, their communication is directly with your business, ensuring the candidates encounter your brand and values throughout the process.


Pre-hiring workshop

Dedicated Talent Executive 

Strategy roadmap

In-depth candidate qualification

Branded campaign

Unique job spec & advert design

Offer & negotiation Management 

Pre-onboarding management

Post start candidate management 


Better quality & qualified candidates

Manage & maintain market reputation

Save hiring managers time

Reduce time to hire 

Increase brand awareness

Control candidate experience

If you're a forward thinking organisation that recognises it's time to do your recruitment a little differently, get in touch today for your free consultation!

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