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We have carefully crafted an ecosystem of products and services that support start-ups, SMEs and large businesses experiencing growth spurts.



Onsite talent management 

Our principle service, encompasses a number of features and services that provides you with the tools you need to build your internal capability to recruit and retain talent. Our differentiator is our presence and approach – we integrate into your team; gaining a thorough understanding of your business, your products and services and most importantly, your people and culture.


Together we formulate a framework and a concentrated strategy to take to market. With regular catch ups and progress reports, you will personally be able to track progress and results.

Tailored talent strategy

Our workshops will evaluate your talent needs in line with your business growth plans and provide you with a personalised talent strategy and a framework for hiring.

Supplier management

Our goal is to reduce or negate the need for external agency support. As your in-house talent team, we'll manage your agency relationships; from rate negotiations, reference and pre-vetting to performance analysis and service reviews.

Campaign roadmap

Putting your talent strategy into practice, you will have a roadmap for delivery that clearly outlines responsibility, participation and timelines.

Support and training

We love sharing our knowledge and expertise! Whether its group workshops or one to one coaching, we'll provide you with the training and support you need to upskill your recruitment and interview skills.

Campaign management & accountability

We will carefully execute a proactive inbound and outbound strategy to improve your direct sourcing capability and increase your brand awareness.

Research and development

We love all things tech and pride ourselves on keeping up with emerging sourcing techniques and tools. We operate a partner environment that allows us to share these with our community, often with a cost saving to our clients.

Employer branding

Employer branding

Every company has an employer brand - whether this is conscious or unconscious, it's a key piece of the talent attraction puzzle. 


Our team of branding experts work with you to understand your purpose, mission and values and convert this to showcase your Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

Social media campaigns

Reach further and wider with our social media campaigns. We offer tailored social media campaigns that identify your target market and are strategically executed on a budget you can afford. 

Candidate experience packs

The easiest and most effective way to explain your company, your culture and your vacancy to a potential employee is to send every shortlist applicant a candidate experience pack.

Employer branding workshops

Our workshops get to the heart of who you are and what you offer. We identify your EVP and devise a personalised approach to communicate this to your future employee audience.

Careers websites

We provide assistance in developing a new and interactive careers site to showcase your culture or simply giving your current careers page a facelift.

Talent attraction videos

The demand for video content is here. Working with our expert partners, we offer a range of video services that integrate with your careers page and can be marketed across your social media platforms.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Attracting great talent is hard work. That's why at Talentbe, we feel passionate about having an employee retention plan in place. 


Our employee engagement services provide you with the tools you need to track the employee experience within your organisation and identify what's working, what's not and what's next.

Health checks

Utilising several techniques and workshops, we evaluate your engagement levels and provide you with a personalised engagement strategy across the entire business.

Change management

If you're going through high growth in a short space of time, it's inevitable that you're experiencing growing pains. Our programme will assess your current position and provide an action plan to keep you on track.

Education & training

Successful engagement stems from the management team. We offer services to educate and train your leadership on how to engage with their team.

Technology & tools

We are experts in engagement tools and constantly keep up to date with emerging technology. We provide the consultation and support you need to implement them effectively. 

Engagement audits & surveys

We provide you with the tools to understand your current positioning and evaluate your options for progression. Engagement is a continual process of assessment and development.

Internal communication

Communication is key to engagement. We assist in developing effective initiatives to engage your employees; communicating key messages and ideas internally with impact.

Human resources

HR set up service

If you're wondering where to start in the world of HR, we can provide you with the essential documentation you need to protect and support your business.

Human resources

We offer flexible and practical support to start-ups and SME's with a range of tailored outsourced HR services, taking away the headache and burden at a cost-effective price that offers peace of mind and continuity.

Research and strategy

We help benchmark your benefits and compensation policy against other organisations in your market, helping create or adjust packages that are right for your business. 

Monthly support services

We provide a variety of HR support packages based on your needs and use.

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Our unique independent report will aim to isolate and illustrate development areas and provide recommendations to optimise the performance of your talent management function.

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