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The importance of an Applicant Tracking System to your business

An applicant tracking system (ATS) provides a central source to capture all your candidate data. It helps to manage every step of the recruitment process, from initial application to arranging interviews, providing feedback, all the way through to when you’ve either on boarded or rejected the candidate from the process. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s just another time consuming system and process we have to follow”, but in fact, it doesn’t need to be, and if implemented correctly, it can offer your business a number of key advantages.

1. Reduces time to hire

In a recent survey, businesses that use an ATS found a 15% decrease in the time to hire. It reduces the manual work and allows to you manage multiple candidates through the process without having to jump from spreadsheets to emails to diaries. Your ATS will also allow you to save templates for each stage of the process and will automate responses for each action.

Additionally, it provides you with a structured platform to interact and collaborate with your team. Everyone has access which ensures information doesn’t get lost in translation or missed when one team member is on annual leave or unexpectedly out of the office.

2. Reduces agency dependency

Simply, in this day and age, Data is King! Your ATS builds data, which in turn builds intelligence and allow you to have an inbound talent strategy. The more relevant and efficient candidate data you capture, the easier and more economical it is to find and engage your future applicants and employees. Recruitment agencies invest a lot of time and money to build large databases of candidates so that they can deliver on client vacancies. Just imagine if you were doing this each time you recruited a position - not only do you save time but in the long term, you save money.

3. Improved candidate experience

First impressions are important - so when you utilise the ATS integration tool, you can ensure your applicants are experiencing a smooth and sleek applying process, whether this is via your website or your chosen job board. The front end of your ATS is linked to your website careers page which gives you the opportunity to showcase your environment and familiarise candidates with your brand.

After you’ve created a good first impression you need to have a fast and efficient process to secure strong candidates. Long drawn out recruitment processes have a negative effect on the candidate experience and perception of your organisation, which in turn, increases your chances of the candidate either accepting another offer or losing interest in your opportunity. The streamlined and automated capability of your ATS will make it a lot easier to keep your candidates up to date and engaged, regardless of the outcome.

So, what would a ATS do for your business?

To summarise, by having a database that captures valuable data and manages your recruitment process workflow, you will have the tools and capability to execute an inbound talent strategy that will reduce your need for external agencies, lower your recruitment spend and make recruiting a better experience for all involved.

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